Masters Program | International Studies

Masters Program

Professional Master's Degree in International Studies
On behalf of the International Studies Major, we are very pleased to inform you that we are offering the Professional Master Degree in International Studies starting Fall of 2014. The degree has been approved by our university Graduate school, the UNT Board of Regents and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating board. Please, find attached, the master degree description of the degree areas of concentration and the admission requirements.

The new degree program has been added to Apply Texas.
The Academic Plan code is INST:MA and it is listed on Apply Texas as: International Studies, MA.
Please go to the website to access the Texas Common application

Instructions: The applicant will need to click on get started and they can set up their profile and start the application. Once you start the application it will first ask what kind of application (Graduate), then it will ask you to select your College (UNT-Denton) next the Term and then the Major. These will all be drop down menu choices.

Approved Course Listings - Spring 2017 (see attachment below)

Approved Course Listings Summer and Fall 2017 (see attachment below)

Approved Course Listings - Spring 2018 (see attachment below)

Approved Course Listings - Fall 2018 (see attachment below)

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