Requirements | International Studies


To earn a Global Perspectives Certificate, students must:

  • Achieve language proficiency in one foreign language through the level of LANG 1020 by completing course work or through examination.
  • Complete 12 hours of coursework at UNT, including INST 2100 Introduction to International Studies, and 9 advanced hours as approved by the student's academic dean.
  • Acquire international experience via one or more of the following as approved by the Study Abroad Office and academic advisor:
    • Study abroad
    • Internship
    • Volunteer service abroad
    • Student teaching abroad
  • Participate in eight international events or activities on campus or in the community other than those related to student's own country. Include documentation of these activities to be submitted to the student's college or school advisor.

Students successfully completing the above requirements will file for the Global Perspectives Certificate in their college or school and the certificate will be posted to their UNT transcript.