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Undergraduate Information:

These courses are recommended for all INST majors:

  1. INST 2100 Introduction to International Studies (freshman/sophomore seminar- but all students may take, formerly INST 2980) (note: you cannot receive credit for both INST 2980 and INST 2100, these are different course numbers but the same class)
  2. INST 4850 International Studies Seminar: four topics are available for Spring 2016 and a 4853 and 4852 which are senior seminar
  3. Fall ONLY Capstone classes: INST 4851 (International Security & Diplomacy & Peace Studies only) and INST 4852 (International Business & Economics only) are available for Fall. Please see an advisor to be enrolled
  4. Spring ONLY Capstone classes: INST 4853 (Regional Studies & Development and Humanitarian Affairs) is available for Spring. Please see an advisor to be enrolled.

If you are in a catalog PRIOR to 2014, please see an advisor for the appropriate courses.

Course list for the International Studies major and minor for catalog 2014 and beyond (see below)

Please look for your catalog year then concentration to find the appropriate courses to meet your requirements. (Refer to the UNT Catalog for credit hour specifics for each Concentration.)

Approved Course List for Spring 2018 (see attachment below 9.29.2017)

Approved Course List for Fall 2017 (see attachment below 3.24.2017)

The Arab and Islamic Certificate

The Global Perspectives Certificate

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