Mission Statement | International Studies

Mission Statement

The International Studies major at the University of North Texas is designed to inform students about the serious global challenges of the twenty first century. It aims at increasing awareness and understanding of the social, political, and economic global issues including environmental problems, world population trends, energy resources, international trade, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, violence, terrorism, and development and underdevelopment.

The major also seeks to increase appreciation of world history, society, politics, economics, geography, religion, art, and culture. In addition, it provides the students with the skills in foreign languages and avails them the opportunity to take advanced courses in different academic disciplines and prepare them for graduate degrees in several international studies fields. The major is also designed to prepare students for jobs in the public and private sectors, where globalization is increasing dramatically. These jobs are concentrated in, but not limited to, government, security, development, business, non-profit organizations, regional studies, human rights, and global environmental and population issues.

The International Studies Major is interdisciplinary in nature and draws upon the courses of the departments and programs of Anthropology, Applied Economics, Business Administration (including accounting, finance, marketing, and management), Criminal Justice, Economics, Emergency Management, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Geography, History, Journalism, Philosophy and Religion Studies, Political Science, Sociology, and Women's and Gender Studies. Its requirements are designed to provide the students with flexibility and depth. The major consists of six areas of concentrations: International Security and Diplomacy, International Business and Economics, International Development and Humanitarian Affairs, Regional Studies, and Peace Studies.